Compare Copy for Windows

Compare Copy for Windows 1.93

Synchronise files between different directories


  • Prevents you copying old folders over new ones
  • Integrates into Windows perfectly


  • Interface is the same as Windows Explorer


Keeping you folders in synch between different computers and folders can sometimes seem like a never ending task but it needn't become a headache if you use some simply synch software like Compare Copy.

Compare Copy is a small application that enables synchronization of files between different units and folders. The secret lies in the fact that you can only copy files to the destination folder only if the date and time of origin is newer than the destination. In this way, there's no danger of recopying or removing old files to new folders. There are however several configuration options to tweak this procedure to give you greater control over this process but basically there's no much more to it. What's good and bad about this program is that it integrated perfectly into Windows using the same shell and file structure as the operating system itself. However, the downside of this is that it looks pretty flimsy although it does a surprisingly efficient job of keeping your files in synch.

Don't be fooled by the basic look for this utility - it adds a synchronization option that should really come as standard in Windows Explorer itself.

Compare Copy for Windows is an application that allows the synchronizing of files between different drives and directories.

Note that it will only copy files to the destination directory if the source file date and time is newer than the destination file. If the source file or directory does not exist at the destination, then it will be created and copied.

Compare Copy for Windows


Compare Copy for Windows 1.93

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